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MyMahoganyModel HOMEPAGE - It is the main page of and becomes the one stop source for custom wooden model aircraft, collectors handmade airplane models, desktop plane models, scale and wood airplane models, plaques, and tail shields all made out of solid Philippine mahogany. This main page is further subdivided into different classifications of desktop model planes.

MILITARY AIRPLANES - PROPELLER - these propeller model airplanes span a whole era of Military Aviation from World Wars I and II to present day. There are many types of military propeller aircraft, but the basic types are bombers, fighters, Fighter bombers, Spotter planes, transports, patrol aircraft, trainers, and reconnaissance and observation aircraft. All of these types of aircraft are used for different types of missions.

MILITARY AIRPLANES - JET- these jet model airplanes cover military aviation from mainly after World War II to the present day. Jet models of airplanes from the renowned North American F-86 Sabre to the current day FA-18E Hornet and every jet airplane in between can be found right here at MyMahoganyModel. We offer jet model airplanes and fighter jet models from both the army and the navy and in addition we can customize our military jet airplanes to your own personal requirements.

PRIVATE AND CIVILIAN - this category houses our full collection of civilian airplane models and other scale model aircraft encompasses famous mahogany wooden airplane models of your favorite airlines such as United, Qantas, Lufthansa, British Airways and many bygone airlines. We also have custom made and “off the shelf” private airplane models exactly to scale from Cessna, Piper, Cirrus through to Beech. These replica aircraft professionally handcrafted in Philippine mahogany by bring your love of aviation right into your living room, study or office and will stay with you for a lifetime.

HELICOPTERS -this category, Model Helicopters, form a very important part of the My Mahogany range of scale model handmade aircraft. We have a wide selection of both civilian and military models to choose from such as the Bell 206, Hughes 500, Sikorsky Seahorse helicopter models. Helicopter models dating back to the WW II, the Vietnam War and until the very present are all available. Every wooden scale helicopter model is handcrafted to the most perfect of detail – they are much more than simple models – they are works of art!

EARLY AVIATION - PRE-1950 - this category celebrates this era with the production of finely detailed mahogany wood models such as the Tiger Moth, the “Spirit of St. Louis” and the Sopwith Camel. These replica aircraft professionally handcrafted in Philippine mahogany by bring your love of aviation right into your living room, study or office and will stay with you for a lifetime.

SPACE, NASA & EXPERIMENTAL - this category compliments our range of scale replica civilian, private and military aircraft models we also offer a range of spacecraft, NASA, experimental and famous fiction models such as the Space Shuttle, Star Trek model and the most recent Virgin Global Flyer. Check out the USS Enterprise Voyager model, the Antonov 225 Buran or the Pan Am Orion. Purchase for posterity one of our detailed scale replicas but remember -

NOSE ART - is the genre of art used to decorate combat aircraft. Every since men used airplanes as an instrument of war, they have decorated them with this unique art form. Some prefer to describe this as the first nose art because it was applied to the front rather than the side of the airplane; hence the name "nose art." produce their nose art panels on vintage aircraft aluminum dating from the World War II era to give the panels that authentic look and feel.

AIRSHIPS AND BLIMPS - blimps, unlike hot air balloons, have a shape and structure which allows them to maneuver in flight. A blimp consists of an envelope containing helium gas. The helium is cryogenically distilled out of natural gas and originates from radioactive decay. The envelope is made as aerodynamic as possible and so is usually cigar shaped. The tip of a blimp or airship is supported by a nose cone batten which allows the craft to be attached to a mooring mast. Engines control propellers that allow the airship to be controlled. The gondola carries the passengers and pilot and sits beneath the envelope.

TAIL SHIELDS & PLAQUES - this category will capture your military or government emblems, insignia and logos on hand crafted solid Philippine mahogany seals or plaques. Each seal or plaque is individually hand carved and hand painted. In addition we also offer hand painted wooden aircraft tail shields for desktop display or for wall mounting. Each aircraft tail shield (civilian or military) is produced out of solid Philippine mahogany and is an exact replica of the real item.

SALE CLEARANCE ITEMS - this category of showcases its clearance items. The models which are offered at discounted prices are for quick clearance. They are currently in stock and are sold without any manufacturing defects.

STANDS & WALL MOUNTS - in this category you can make your choice of stand from the below photographs and enter your choice of stand at the time of placing your order online. If you choose a “customized” model airplane you will have the chance at the time of ordering online to also “customize” the stand. If you require wall mounts for your model aircraft please email us for further details. If you require details on any other types of stands or any type of model accessory or accessories please email us.

SPECIALS - is the category where our special models which are finely HANDCRAFTED vintage reproduction (Not a kits, they are fully assembled models Ready for display! note - some disassembly for shipping) made from Polyresin, fiberglass and rubber wheels that roll, will be showcased. Ideal for the aviation collector, or on display in your restaurant, lounge, bar, cafe, airport. our expert craftsmen. Handmade scale mahogany airplane models of the finest aircraft from World War I and II to present day including model biplanes and triplanes can also be produced. MyMahoganyModel can also produce custom made Military Propeller Airplanes exactly to your own requirements.

MADE TO ORDER MODELS - is the category where our master craftsmen will work from your photographs and our library of aircraft blueprints, and will meticulously recreate your airplane into an amazingly detailed desktop replica. Each custom made model is hand carved from solid mahogany and completely hand painted to match your aircraft paint scheme and registration number. No detail will be spared! You can also supply your own digital pictures by attaching them below. Color schemes both actual and to your own tailor made design can be applied, and you can specify the scale size of your model.