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Product Name: Westland Sea King MK 5 Royal Navy Model
Code: Westland Sea King MK 5 Royal Navy      
Category: Helicopters   
Company: Westland Helicopters     Era: Recent
Body Length : 16.00 inches [40.60 cm.] Height : 4.80 inches [12.20 cm.]
Wing Span : 17.80 inches [45.20 cm.]    Scale : 1:42    Registration: 20
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Aircraft Registration: 20
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Model Specific Information

The Westland WS-61 Sea King is a British licence-built version of the American Sikorsky S-61 helicopter of the same name, built by Westland Helicopters. The aircraft differs considerably from the American version, with Rolls-Royce Gnome engines (licence-built General Electric T58s), British-made anti-submarine warfare systems and a fully computerised flight control system. The Sea King was primarily designed for performing anti-submarine warfare (ASW) missions. A Sea King variant was adapted by Westland as troop transport known as the Commando.

In British service, the Westland Sea King provided a wide range of services in both the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy. As well as wartime roles in the Falklands War, the Gulf War, the Balkans conflict, the Iraq War, and the Afghanistan War, the Sea King is perhaps most well known in its capacity as a RAF Search and Rescue Force helicopter. The Sea King was also adapted to meet the Royal Navy's requirement for a ship-based airborne early warning platform.

As of 2012, the WS-61 Sea King remains in operation in Britain, as well as multiple export customers: Germany, Norway, Egypt and India. Some operators have replaced, or are planning to replace, the Sea King with more modern helicopters, such as the NHIndustries NH90 and the AgustaWestland AW101 Merlin.



Royal Navy Sea King AEW.2A about to liftoff from the aircraft carrier HMSIllustrious; a BAe Sea Harrier FA.2 is hovering prior to landing in the background, May 1996
Sea King HAS.6 on HMS Invincible in 2004
RAN Sea King Mk50, Shark 09, launches from HMAS Melbourne, 1980
RAF Sea King HAR.3 rescue helicopter at 2010 RIAT
Sea King HAS.1
The first anti-submarine version for the Royal Navy, with Gnome H.1400 engines, a five-bladed tail rotor, a Plessey-type 195 dipping sonar and MEL ARI 5995 search radar in a dorsal radome.[107] The Westland Sea King HAS.1 first flew on 7 May 1969.[108] 56 built, may of which were converted to HAS.2.[107]
Sea King HAS.2
Upgraded anti-submarine version for the Royal Navy, based on Australian Mk 50. More powerful Gnome H.1400-1 engines, six bladed tail rotor and upgraded avionics (including new Type 2069 dipping sonar, and improved navigation and communications equipment; 21 new build aircraft plus conversions from HAS.1s.[109] Some were later converted for AEW (Airborne Early Warning) duties.
Sea King AEW.2
Conversion of Sea King HAS.1 or HAS.2s into AEW aircraft after lack of AEW cover was revealed during the Falklands War. Fitted with Thorn EMI Searchwater radar in inflatable radome, with sonar removed. Normally flown with three person (pilot and two observers) crew compared with four-person crew for ASW Sea Kings. Nine converted.[110]
Sea King HAR.3
Search and rescue version for the Royal Air Force. Fitted with relocated rear cabin bulkhead giving greater cabin length, extra fuel and additional observation windows; 19 built.[111]
Sea King HAR.3A
Improved search and rescue version of the Sea King HAR.3 for the Royal Air Force. Fitted with upgraded avionics; six built.[111]
Sea King HC.4 / Westland Commando
Commando assault and utility transport version for the Royal Navy, with simplified undercarriage, and lengthened cabin. Capable of transporting 28 fully equipped troops; 42 built.[112]
Sea King HC.4X
One aircraft first flown on 10 April 1989 for the Empire Test Pilots' School.[113]
Sea King Mk.4X
Two helicopters based on the HC.4 for trials/test beds at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough. Fitted with various nose and/or dorsal sensor installations.[112]
Sea King HAS.5
Upgraded anti-submarine warfare version for the Royal Navy, with longer range MEL Super Searcher radar in enlarged dorsal radome, new AQS902 acoustic processing system with provision to use sonobouys. Entered service in June 1981; 30 new build aircraft plus about 55 converted from earlier versions.[114] Some later converted into the HAR.5 for Search and Rescue.
Sea King HAR.5
Conversion of HAS.5 to search and rescue role for the Royal Navy, with ASW equipment removed but retaining Sea Searcher radar.[115]
Sea King AEW.5
Four Sea King HAS.5s were converted into AEW helicopters for the Royal Navy.[27]
Sea King HU.5
Surplus HAS.5 ASW helicopters converted into utility role for the Royal Navy.
Sea King HAS.6
Upgraded anti-submarine warfare version for the Royal Navy. fitted with improved avionics, with new sonar processor, improved tactical displays and better communications equipment; five new build aircraft plus conversions.[116]
Sea King HAS.6(CR)
Five surplus HAS.6 ASW helicopters converted into the utility role for the Royal Navy. The last of the Royal Navy's HAS.6(CR) helicopters was retired from service with 846 NAS on 31 March 2010.[13]
Sea King ASaC7
Upgraded AEW2/5 for the Royal Navy with Searchwater 2000AEW replacing original Searchwater radar.[28]
Sea King Mk.41
Search and rescue version of the Sea King HAS.1 for the German Navy, with longer cabin; 23 built, delivered between 1973 and 1975. A total of 20 were upgraded from 1986 onwards with additional Ferranti Seaspray radar in nose and capability to carry four Sea Skua Anti-ship missiles.[97]
Sea King Mk.42
Anti-submarine warfare version of the Sea King HAS.1 for the Indian Navy; 12 built.[117]
Sea King Mk.42A
Anti-submarine warfare version of the Sea King HAS.2 for the Indian Navy, fitted with haul-down system for operating from small ships; three built.[118]
Sea King Mk.42B
Multi-purpose version for the Indian Navy, equipped for anti-submarine warfare, with dipping sonar and advanced avionics, and anti-shipping operations, with two Sea Eagle missiles; 21 built (one crashing before delivery).[118]
Sea King Mk.42C
Search and rescue/utility transport version for the Indian Navy with nose mounted Bendix search radar; six built.[118]
Sea King Mk.43
Search and rescue version of the Sea King HAS.1 for the Royal Norwegian Air Force, with lengthened cabin; 10 built.[92]
Sea King Mk.43A
Uprated version of the Sea King Mk.43 for the Royal Norwegian Air Force, with airframe of Mk.2 but engines of Mk.1; single example built.[92]
Sea King Mk.43B
Upgraded version of the Sea King Mk.43 for the Royal Norwegian Air Force. Upgraded avionics, including MEL Sea Searcher radar in large dorsal radome, weather radar in nose and FLIR turret under nose. Three new-build plus upgrade of remaining Mk.43 and Mk.43A helicopters.[92]
Sea King Mk.45
Anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare version of the Sea King HAS.1 for the Pakistan Navy. Provision for carrying Exocet anti-ship missile; six built.[92]
Sea King Mk.45A
One ex-Royal Navy Sea King HAS.5 helicopter was sold to Pakistan as an attrition replacement.[99]
Sea King Mk.47
Anti-submarine version of the Sea King HAS.2 for the Egyptian Navy; six built.[99]
Sea King Mk.48
Search and rescue version for the Belgian Air Force. Airframe similar to HAS.2 but with extended cabin; five built, delivered 1976.[65]
Sea King Mk.50
Multi-role version for the Royal Australian Navy, equivalent to (but preceding) HAS.2; 10 built.[65]
Sea King Mk.50A
Two improved Sea Kings were sold to the Royal Australian Navy as part of a follow-on order in 1981.[119]
Sea King Mk.50B
Upgraded multi-role version for the Royal Australian Navy.
Commando Mk.1
Minimum change assault and utility transport version for the Egyptian Air Force, with lengthened cabin but retaining sponsons with floatation gear;[119] five built.[101]
Egyptian Commando Mk 2, 1985
Commando Mk.2
Improved assault and utility transport version for the Egyptian Air Force, fitted with more powerful engines, non-folding rotors and omitting undercarriage sponsons and floatation gear; 17 built.[100]
Commando Mk.2A
Assault and utility transport version for the Qatar Emiri Air Force, almost identical to Egyptian Mk.2; three built.[104]
Commando Mk.2B
VIP transport version of Commando Mk.2 for the Egyptian Air Force; two built.[104]
Commando Mk.2C
VIP transport version of Commando Mk.2A for the Qatar Emiri Air Force; one built.[104]
Commando Mk.2E
Electronic warfare version for the Egyptian Air Force, fitted with integrated ESM and jamming system, with radomes on side of fuselage; four built.[102]
Commando Mk.3
Anti-ship warfare version for the Qatar Emiri Air Force, fitted with dorsal radome and capable of carrying two Exocet missiles. Eight built.[102]
General Information

Our Westland Sea King MK 5 Royal Navy Model scale model helicopter exhibits unique, unrivalled quality and detailed design to come as close as possible to the accuracy of the actual helicopter. It comes standard with a robust , durable base or stand which is available in a variety of different finishes designed to match your own personal requirements including solid wood, wood with polished chrome steel supports or adjustable wood wall mount and will be ready within about 10-12 weeks from placement of order.

The Seaking model helicopter is made of the finest kiln dried renewable mahogany wood (commonly known as Lauan or Meranti) which has undergone many stages of carving and meticulous and careful sanding giving the beautiful finished museum quality masterpiece. Many collectors and model connoisseurs demonstrate their preference for genuine handmade and hand painted mahogany wood models rather than plastic, resin or die cast (diecast) alternatives due to the overall look and totally different feel of the item - we trust you will find the same. Our craftsmen and gifted artisans ensure that our finely handcrafted model helicopter match the precise blueprint details of the original helicopter. The Sea King model helicopters paint scheme, markings and parts are closely matched, reflecting the original Westland Sea King . This top-quality Seaking replica will surely enthral anyone who receives this stylish desktop display as a gift. This Seaking model helicopter is for sure one of the most appropriate and desirably collectable gifts for every aviation enthusiast and avid aircraft collector whilst also displaying a perfect resemblance to the actual Westland Sea King MK 5 Royal Navy Model.

Model Helicopters form a very important part of the range of scale model handmade aircraft. We have a wide selection of both civilian and military models to choose from famous manufacturers such as Aerospatiale, American Eurocopter, Agusta, Bell, Boeing Rotorcraft, Brantly International, Enstrom, Higgins, Hughes, Hiller, Kaman, Lancair, MD, NH Industries, Piasecki, Robinson, Schweizer, Shawnee, Sikorsky and Westland. Helicopter models dating back to the WW II, the Vietnam and Korean War and until the very present are all available. Every wooden scale helicopter model is handcrafted to the most perfect of detail - they are much more than simple models - they are works of art!

If you require we can also make the Seaking in any other airline or private livery (or colour scheme) you require and if necesary in a different size or scale. Just email us a description or photographs with colours and we will let you have a quotation for the necessary customisation.

We can also make bespoke scale replicas of any other private / civil commercial airliner or airliners, helicopter, glider, gliders with engines, military jet, warplane jets, propeller warplanes, biplane, triplane, tail fin, spacecraft, rocket or NASA model you require in any airline, military or civilian livery or colors. We also produce model airship, blimp, dirigible, blimps, boat,and ship collectibles. Wall plaque or seal for military, government or private customers. Wholesale and retail and general customization inquiries welcome.


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